Fast-track career progression

We quickly empower our young talents on assignments that count. We give you early senior responsibilities by favor international mobility experiences, you will have access to an array of professional challenges.

Progress towards managerial positions

Talent Management is at the heart of our HR policy. Mazars encourages and accelerates your responsibility by offering you progressive managerial functions. Our main focus is your employability.

Individual & regular feedback

Your years at Mazars will accompany you throughout your career and will be a reflection of your true self.


Arriving in a new company and understanding its practices is not always easy, especially when it’s your first experience. Therefore, from the onset at Mazars, you can count on the advice of a mentor. A true guide in your new life, your mentor will be available to help you, will offer you personalised follow-up and will guide you throughout your career. Both a sponsor and an adviser, your mentor participates in your evaluation process. The transfer of their know-how and their interpersonal skills is one of the keys to your success with us.


We believe that giving feedback is the main component to any managerial position, but equally importantly, it is one of the primary expectations of our Gen Y staff. At the end of each mission, your achievements and your performances are evaluated. At Mazars, the skills you acquire and the manner in which these are translated into your performance will be the driving force behind your success in your professional life.