Webinars | Recorded global indirect tax webinars

The new year brings important changes concerning the indirect taxes, with the post-Brexit business environment and the current Covid-19 crisis continuing to affect businesses worldwide.

In order to support you through these changes and consider next steps, we organised a webinar dedicated on Brexit and a webinar dedicated to “Managing VAT in turbulent times”. 

Managing VAT in turbulent times

  • Date: 4 February 2021 
  • Time: 11 am - 1:30 pm CET

This year brings important changes in the VAT rules. From a general VAT perspective, 2021 is a turbulent one and will create a substantial ‘VAT To-Do-List’ for businesses operating in Europe. What are the VAT implications of potential supply chain changes resulting from the Coronavirus situations and Brexit? What will be the objective of the e-commerce and EU VAT package? Join our webinar on February 4 and find out all you need to know.

The event will be split into two parts, offering you a broad overview of the indirect tax challenges for this year. The first part will guide you through the customs and supply chain changes and the new VAT rules on e-commerce. The second part will give you the opportunity to talk to an expert about the challenges in your industry, share and gain experience, and grow your network.


  • Optimizing supply chains in a globalised world from a customs perspective Eline Polak, Tax Partner Mazars the Netherlands and Ellen van Heugten, Senior Manager Mazars Netherlands
  • Supply chain solutions from a logistics point of view | Alan Frost, Partner Mazars UK
  • VAT aspects of the supply chain. Import, export, administrative obligations, and cash flow | Bert Laman, Tax Partner Mazars the Netherlands
  • Analysis of the European Commission’s explanatory notes | Prof. Marie Lamensch, The Institute for European Studies
  • Industry insights - a look into this year's VAT key trends | Dive into an interactive industry-focussed session and find out what are the implications of the VAT changes for your business sector and the challenges your business has to face in 2021

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Brexit: What now?

  • Date : 13 January 2021
  • Time : 11 am - 12pm CET

The business community is relieved, but anything but jubilant. The last-minute Brexit deal holds quite considerable uncertainties and will affect many businesses in still not yet fully foreseeable ways. What are the implications of the over 1,000-page Brexit trade and security deal? Our webinar also offers the opportunity to ask your “last-minute Brexit deal questions” and discuss VAT and indirect taxes after Brexit.

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