25th anniversary - Growing with purpose together

Mazars’ roots in Malta go back to 1998, when two partners, Anthony Attard and Paul Giglio, started a small firm known as Attard Giglio & Co. Eventually, the Attard based firm became part of the global Mazars network, adopting the name ‘Mazars in Malta’, and going on to establish itself as an advisory-driven firm with a strong reputation for quality advice and service. This growth occurred in parallel with the progress made by the Maltese financial services sector over the years.

We spoke to Mazars in Malta co-founder and Managing Partner Anthony Attard about the firm’s growth trajectory over this quarter century, and it was evident from his replies that this was a story about a group of individuals working together to transform a vision into reality. A story about how the firm’s four partners -  Anthony Attard himself, Advisory Partner Alan Craig, Tax & Assurance Partner Paul Giglio, and Audit & Assurance Partner Tino Riolo – have, as a team, provided the strategic direction which has guided Mazars in Malta through the  various stages of its development.

But more than that, says Attard, “Mazars in Malta owes its success to its people – which the firm considers as its most invaluable asset.” From a handful of employees in its first years of operation, the firm now brings together a dedicated team of more than 85 young and internationally-oriented specialists. “These have been key towards adding value to the delivery of Mazars’ customised solutions in Malta”, adds Attard.

This year, Mazars in Malta is also commemorating its 25th Anniversary. Attard explains that while such an event is always a special milestone for any organisation, “we see celebrating our quarter-century of operations as an opportunity to bridge the values and strengths which have defined our success, with the firm’s fundamental purpose and vision – that of continuing to create value together with our stakeholders, and investing in what matters for our people, our clients and the local community. Hence the theme we have selected for these celebrations: ‘Growing with Purpose Together’”.

The anniversary of Mazars’ 25-year presence in Malta also coincides with its first year of the firm’s working out of its new state-of-the-art offices within the Central Business District in Birkirkara. Attard says that “This involved a radical change in which our work is organised and implemented. It has resulted in even stronger synergies, while also reflecting our ethos of transparency and professionalism, once again to the ultimate benefit of our clients.”

Mazars has long set its clients’ long-term sustainable development and growth as its top priority. Consequently, Mazars in Malta has evolved into a multidisciplinary firm that offers a comprehensive and flexible range of services, specialising in audit, accountancy, advisory, tax and legal services. “Mazars’ integrated approach is designed to leverage a global talent pool and serve organisations of all sizes, from SMEs to the largest multinational corporations”, says Attard.

The firm’s Managing Partner, however, makes it a point to emphasise that “audit has always been at the heart of Mazars, in Malta and globally, and will continue to be so in the years ahead. As a global partnership, we proudly work alongside some of the major players internationally, acting as group auditors to some of the largest companies in the world. The same is true of our partnership and collaboration with many of Malta’s most prestigious firms and institutions.” Attard adds that “Confidence in audit quality is critical. We have therefore always placed huge importance on maintaining the highest possible standards of audit quality in the firm.”

Predictably, the journey of Mazars in Malta has been marked by important challenges which have tested the firm’s resilience. Attard says that these challenges – he mentions the recent Covid-19 pandemic as a significant example – “served to highlight the inherent strength of Mazars in Malta: certainly the robust nature of our business model, but perhaps more critically, the commitment, professionalism and flexibility that our people demonstrated in remaining focused on delivering a high-quality service to our clients.”

In order to provide its clients with the best, most relevant services, Mazars continuously invests in developing strong sectoral expertise as well as the technological, scientific and soft skills that will shape professional services in the near future. Attard explains that going forward, the firm’s continued growth also means that it is always seeking new talent, people who share its ethos, and “who can contribute to Mazars’ bid to consolidate its position as one of the leading audit, tax and advisory firms on the local market, committed towards maintaining the highest possible quality standards, and thus serving the best interests of all its stakeholders.”

This article first appeared in the Sunday Times of Malta on 12/03/2023.