Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the most common questions coming from applications during our job interviews. From a typical daily life to your on-boarding.

Apply to Mazars

What kind of profiles does Mazars Malta recruit?

We don’t recruit competency; we recruit potential. The selection criteria focuses on profiles:

  • Adapted to the specific needs of our service-lines (for instance, more business and advisory-oriented for audit and tax, more technical for accounting and outsourcing)
  • With a strong development potential rather than assessing them only on their existing skills
  • With a good cultural fit with Mazars values and spirit

Daily life at Mazars Malta

What does a typical day look like?

There are no typical days in audit or consulting. You alternate between days away on the premises of the client and days in the office. Regardless, you always work in a team on various issues and across various business sectors.

Is frequent travel required?

n audit, the profession often requires the employee to be in very close contact with the client; you may therefore be required to carry out your missions on the premises of the client.

What are the working hours and workload like?

Minimum 40 hours, Monday to Friday, between the core hours of 8.00 am and 5.00 pm with the possibility to work flexible hours, as early as 7 am and as late as 9.30 am

How is the audit team structured?

Generally on an audit mission, a team is formed of an assistant, a senior auditor and a manager/senior manager. The composition of the team varies according to the size of the mission.

Who can we refer to during the internship?

During your internship, you can directly refer to either your mentor or line manager, if you have any questions related to your internship or assignments.

What is the working environment like?

The working atmosphere at Mazars Malta is friendly and dynamic. Events are organised within the firm throughout the year so that employees can meet and discuss in a relaxed setting.

My career at Mazars

What are the career opportunities after audit & assurance?

With Mazars, you benefit from experience that is recognised on the job market and that proves to be an excellent selling point for your future. You will add value to your CV thanks to our high professional standards, the benefits of continuous training, the prestige of our clients and the variety of the skills acquired.

Is it possible to go abroad and if so, after how long?

The rapid development of the Mazars international partnership allows us to offer many positions within the 89 countries in which the Group is present. Expatriation is possible from your 4th year at Mazars onwards, either to a well-established office in order to strengthen the local teams, or in the context of a project to develop a new office, in order to demonstrate your entrepreneurial qualities.

What are the differences between consulting and audit?

Legal audit (or statutory audit) is the result of a legal obligation that requires companies to have their accounts certified by an external firm. Consulting missions are carried out on the initiative of companies who require guidance through organisation and managerial issues.

How does my career evolve?

The appraisal committee, which meets each year, ranks each employee according to their performance, adapting salaries and career development to each individual.

Onboarding at Mazars

How is integration carried out as an intern?

Making sure our new recruits feel properly welcomed and fully integrated is a top priority for us. The quality of your onboarding, specific to each area of responsibility, will mark the beginning of your successful professional journey at Mazars.

What is the average age at Mazars Malta?

The average age at Mazars is 28 years old – the teams are young and dynamic

What are the missions assigned to an intern?

Interns are considered to be on the same level as entry-level employees and therefore are assigned the same missions.