Tax Deduction Claims to be taken for the basis year 2023

The following tax deductions can be claimed against income earned during 2023.

Deduction on fees paid for Cultural and Creative Courses

Parents and guardians of children and youth who are under 16 years by the 31st December 2023 and attended Cultural or Creative courses during 2023 can benefit from a tax deduction scheme of up to a maximum of €300 for each child and youth. If the course was provided by an entity or individual recognised by Arts Council Malta, parents and guardians are entitled to claim a deduction against their chargeable income of up to a maximum of €300 for each child and youth.  To claim this deduction the respective entity or individual providing the cultural or creative courses must apply for all their students by completing and submitting an online form.

For the purposes of this initiative, qualifying Cultural and Creative courses are courses in the following areas: 

  • the performing arts (theatre, dance and music),
  • the visual arts (fine arts, digital arts, photography, design, video, film, painting and sculpture),
  • crafts (traditional and contemporary),
  • media (TV, radio and other audiovisual) and
  • creative writing.

One may check if the course qualifies for this scheme through this link here.

The entity or individual providing the cultural or creative courses need to register with Arts Council Malta.  The deadline to submit the information is Monday 01st April 2024 at noon.

Deduction on fees paid for Sports Activities

Parents whose children attend any sport nursery that is registered with SportMalta, are entitled to benefit from a Tax Deduction up to €300 for each child attending a sport organisation training programme. Parents are required to notify the respective sport organisation should they wish to benefit from this tax deduction and the sports organisation will take care of sending the list of all those parents that have successfully paid the respective membership and provided the details to benefit from this deducution to SportMalta’s representatives.

Sports organisations that not registered with Sportmalta, are not eligible for this scheme. Moreover, the sports organisations registered with SportMalta must hold a valid SLC number, to adhere to SportMalta’s compliancy requirements. The sport organisation shall send the list of membership payments received during financial year 2023, by not later than 31st January 2024.

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