Intrastat Obligation

At the end of last year, the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue (CfR) issued a notice whereby taxpayers were reminded of the obligation to file intrastat declarations in line with Subsidiary Legislation 406.08 and also requesting subject persons to file all pending intrastat declarations.

The notice was followed by notifications being sent by the same CfR to various VAT registered persons requesting full compliance within 3 months of the receipt of the notification.


Who has the obligation to file an intrastat declaration?

All persons who trade in Community goods between Malta and other EU Member States and for which purpose goods move between Malta and other Member States are required to file intrastat declarations. This also covers goods which upon being transported between Member States cross the external frontier of the Community and goods which subsequently enter a non-Member State. Such an obligation does not apply solely to goods for resale but also to goods acquired for own business use.


How and when is an intrastat declaration to be filed?

Intrastat declarations for both acquisitions and supplies of Community goods are to be submitted through the online Intrastat Supplementary Declaration System (National Statistics Office, Malta – Supplementary Declaration System ( within 10 days of the reference month. If in a particular month no Community goods were acquired or sold, the subject person does not require to file a nil declaration.


Who is exempt from filing such a declaration?

Taxable persons and non-taxable legal persons trading in Community goods whose value does not exceed the annual threshold of €700.


What are the implications of non-compliance?

Non-compliance may lead to criminal prosecution and if convicted of a criminal offence, subject persons shall be liable to a fine of not less than €700 and not more than €3,500.


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Intrastat Notice to stakeholders