Your Career with Mazars

Joining Mazars means taking part in an exciting human and entrepreneur adventure and seizing the opportunity to quickly grow you potential.

Fast-track career progression

We quickly empower our young talents on assignments that count. We give you early senior responsibilities by favor international mobility experiences, you will have access to an array of professional challenges.

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Learning & Development

Learning is central element of our HR policy. We invest time and money in the planning and identification of the training and development programmes of our teams.

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International mobility

Our unique international partnership is by nature collaborative and multicultural. Our diversity is a driver for value.

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Work-life balance

The financial auditor and/or consultant professions are demanding careers in terms of time, personal investment and travel. They are cyclical professions that include both very intense and less intense periods. At Mazars, we are aware of this reality. This is why we strive to preserve a work-life balance for our employees.

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The Mazars Spirit

At Mazars, we are looking for top talents to join our integrated partnership, who will contribute to our business and building our future and theirs! Much more than a professional experience, working at Mazars is a true life experience.

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Another Year, Another Opportunity

Here at Mazars in Malta we are looking forward to another year full of opportunity and productive work, developing as best we can all those who work within our team, allowing them to make a difference to our clients' operations.

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