Supervisory and Regulatory visits

Managing regulatory visits effectively requires careful planning and commitment from senior management. The amount of time and effort required to prepare for such a visit cannot be underestimated.

We may assist during regulatory and supervisory visits relating to anti-money laundering, countering the financing of terrorism, proliferation financing, beneficial ownership and sanctions. This will allow the company to have the required technical expertise on board within a short period of time, without removing resources from the first and second line of defence and thereby limiting disruptions to operations.

We can assist in the carrying out of a detailed review of the information requested. Reviewing the documentation prior to submission is critical to uncover issues, gaps, and inconsistencies. This would give the opportunity for certain issues to be rectified before the documentation is submitted.

Issues may be uncovered which cannot be addressed prior to the review. We may support in the preparation and in the implementation of a detailed action plan of how the company plans to rectify such issues.

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