Sanctions compliance programme

Maltese professionals are at risk of being used to severe the link between the ownership and/or source of funds of the sanctioned individuals and entities, and therefore evade or circumvent sanctions.

International sanctions apply to all entities, and any breach of sanctions entail heavy penalties established within the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act. Therefore, whether you are a subject person (carrying out relevant activity or relevant financial business as defined in the PMLFTR), or a non-subject person, the adherence to comply to UN/EU sanctions is mandatory.

Mazars have experience in examining controls pertaining to the prevention and detection of sanctions breaches.

Our team of experts, whom have been guest speakers on various panels pertaining to sanctions can help as follows:

  • Testing the design and effectiveness of the sanctions control framework against risks relating to sanctions evasion and circumvention;
  • Drafting of policies and procedures to enhance the design of controls against sanctions evasion or circumvention;
  • Providing bespoke training services to Board members and staff on sanctions and their implications

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