Certify (Tax Credits) 2018 - 2020

Certify 2018 – 2020 is a fiscal measure administered by the Malta Enterprise Corporation to encourage eligible undertakings to continuously improve the quality of their products, services and processes through the attainment of industry recognised certifications and quality marks.

The scheme is intended to boost awareness of the added value that may be achieved through certification when competing in international markets. Though this scheme the Corporation may approve a tax credits of up to €25,000 per certification to help recover the costs to achieve a qualifying certification, quality mark, or licence. This fiscal support that will be available through this scheme should make it easier for undertakings to carry out investments that lead to superior products, services of higher value and more efficient processes.

Deadline: Applications for assistance may be submitted until 30th November 2020.


This incentive will award tax credits to single undertakings that achieve qualifying Certifications awarded by a Certifying Body. The Certifications must be required:

  • To improve the processes, products or services of the undertaking; or
  • to achieve growth in international markets.

Tax credits shall only be utilised against profit derived from the applicant’s relevant trade or business activity.

Maximum Support

The total aid that may be awarded to any single undertaking through this measure is capped at €25,000 per certification. Consultancy costs are capped at €2,500 per certification.

Aid intensity: Consultancy 50% ; Certification 75%. 

Qualifying Certifications, Quality Marks, or Licences

The Corporation shall publish a list of qualifying Certifications on the Corporation’s website. The list may indicate a specific capping of the applicable value of aid and aid intensity that may have been established by the Corporation in relation to a Certification. Prior to incurring any costs, it is recommended that an undertaking seeking to achieve a certification which at the time is not listed, to submit the Certification Verification Form which could be downloaded from the Corporation’s website to verify whether the certification qualifies or not.

In submitting such a request, the undertaking will be required to provide details of the certifying body and an explanation of how the certification would address the criteria set in the Guidelines. The Corporation will make its utmost to provide the beneficiary with a written opinion within 6 weeks from the submission of the request. Whilst details of the certification may be provided with the application, the Corporation may reject an application if the certification is not deemed to qualify.

Application process

An Undertaking claiming a tax credit for the attainment of a qualifying certification, is to submit to the Corporation the following documentation within three (3) months from the attainment of the Certification and by not later than 30th November 2020:

a) a complete application form including annexes which can be downloaded from the Corporation’s website

b) a copy of the documentation issued from the Certifying Body showing that the applicant has been granted a qualifying Certification

c) a confirmation from the certifying body that conducted the first time audits, due diligence or verification service confirming the date when the service was rendered and that the verification was carried out in relation to a new certification or an upgrade of the certification and was not related to a renewal (or any other similar occurrence)

d) an Audit report

e) the consultant’s contract of service;

f) a breakdown of costs incurred from the Certifying Body in granting the qualifying Certification;

g) fiscal invoices

h) fiscal receipt or proof of payment (details related to the bank transfer) in relation to all the eligible costs.

For Guidelines: https://www.maltaenterprise.com/sites/default/files/Certify%20IG%20version%201.pdf

Source: Malta Enterprise website - https://www.maltaenterprise.com/