Environmental Measures

Apart from announcing the set up of another agency which will monitor environmental measures and the investments in a number of family parks around Malta, the Minister noted the following:
  • An investment of €1 million in electric buses.
  • €12,000 shall be allocated to those individuals who scrap their car and purchase an electric vehicle.
  • The Minister also noted that given that the plug in scheme for hybrid cars was extinguished in May and not all those who ordered the vehicles did indeed receive these vehicles in 2022, the €11,000 grant for such vehicles shall be guaranteed for all those who did order the necessary plug in vehicles in 2022 and who will receive them in 2023.
  • The car scrappage scheme shall be extended for another year at €2,000 per vehicle scrapped.
  • The Minister announced that existing initiatives on gas/petrol based motor cycles as well as exemptions from registration tax and road license cost for 5 years on plug-in hybrid and electric cars shall remain in force.
  • €900 shall be granted to those owners of minivans, coaches and trucks installing photovoltaic panels on the vehicles.
  • The Minister also noted that the existing schemes covering green energy shall again be extended.
  • More charging points shall be established by 2024.
  • The Minister announced an investment of €50 million in an organic processing plant which will allow the recycling of organic waste. Moreover, a Skip Management facility shall be opened in 2023.
  • The gate fees in landfills shall be revised as from 1 January 2023.