Covid-19: Cash flow management

Cash Flow Management is essential during this pandemic. Mazars will share advice, guidance and practical support from our business experts to help you understand what help is available and how you can access this.

How to adjust accounting to manage cash during Covid-19

Rhe current health crisis may have caused business to come to a halt for some, but for those operating in essential sectors, confinement measures have accelerated production and sales cycles.

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Dealing with payment delays: financial modelling amidst Covid-19

The global economy is weakened due to Covid-19: supply chains are disrupted, and market and consumer confidence are undermined. As the consequences of the pandemic continue to occur, many businesses should expect payment delays, loss of revenue and cash shortfalls.

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Covid-19 and key accounting implications for corporates

As the world adjusts to the coronavirus outbreak, we all face the difficult challenge of responding to the impact it is having on our lives. As well as issues of health and wellbeing, corporates face additional economic challenges presented by the disease. So how should corporates qualify events from an accounting perspective?

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Collecting Cash & Managing Cashflow

Cash and overheads will quickly become critical if operations and output are impacted, while staff and outgoings remain fixed.

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SMEs: repayment, refinancing and recovery

In response to the economic consequences of Covid-19, governments have implemented interventionist measures that include partial unemployment and the deferral of corporate and individual tax deadlines.

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