Insurance internal audit

We have a specialised insurance internal audit team who is the approved function holder to various local insurance undertakings in Malta.

Internal audit is designed to add value and improve organisational operations. It also helps accomplish business objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to the evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. 

The Insurance Rules published by the Malta Financial Services Authority in December 2015 require authorised insurance and reinsurance undertakings, including captives, to have appropriate systems and structures in place to ensure an effective system of governance.

The Rules allow for the concept of proportionality when applying systems of governance. They also provide for the establishment of a minimum of four key functions.

Internal audit is a designated and mandatory key function for all authorised insurance undertakings in Malta.

Effective internal audit is

  • Open & transparent
  • Cost-effective
  • Independent
  • Focused on risk
  • Tailored to each entity

Our approach

We adopt a 'no surprises' approach both in terms of findings and in respect of fees charged. We work with and not against management, whilst still maintaining our independence. Objectivity is central to our work ethos and we draw on both our experiences and best practice in carrying out our brief. Moreover, our service offering is risk-based, scalable and flexible.

Why choose Mazars for insurance internal audit?

We understand the local insurance industry including its complexity, regulatory requirements as well as its limitations.

Although our independence is critical to the way we do things, we are accessible, open and transparent in our approach.Our service offering is partner driven. We will always allocate our best people to ensure that we meet your expectations and actively contribute to the sustainability and growth of your business.