25th Anniversary CSR programme

As part of the 25th Anniversary initiatives, Mazars in Malta is launching a €25,000 CSR scheme which will fund youth-based projects for a better future.

This scheme, which will span over three years, will mark Mazars’ established presence in Malta, further linking the firm to the local community, and its future with that of Malta’s youths.

The theme of our 25th Anniversary is Growing with purpose together. We see this milestone as an opportunity to bridge the values and strengths which have defined our success, with the firm’s fundamental purpose and vision – that of continuing to create value together with our stakeholders, and investing in what matters for our people, our clients and the local community.

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Information about the programme

The scheme involves supporting five youth-oriented NGOs and/or student associations over three years, with a financial contribution totalling €5,000 each, spread over this period.

Mazars in Malta is encouraging such NGOs and associations to submit their proposals for youth-focused initiatives aimed at harnessing the potential of youth, and thus securing a better future for our society. The initiatives can be centred around the investment in any of the following areas:

-        leadership skills and problem solving;

-        education and training;

-        promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives;

-        overall well-being and/or counselling services;

-        digital progress and the use of innovative technologies;

-        addressing societal needs & challenges;

-        diversity and inclusion;

-        human rights;

-        gender equality;

-        social and cultural progress;

-        environment and sustainability;

-        green initiatives;

-        the arts;

-        sports.


The funds earmarked for this project total €25,000 over three years. Each of the five organisations who are granted  funding as part of this scheme will receive €1,667 per year for 3 years.

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Mazars 25k CSR Project Guidelines 2023