Marija Balciunaite Compliance manager

Marija Balciunaite

Marija started her working career in 2016 as a fraud investigator in one of the biggest money transfer companies with a branch in Lithuania. Later, she joined the Financial Intelligence Unit department in the same company, where she performed various investigations related to Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. After 3 years, she moved to Ireland and joined one of the largest e-money companies as a brand risk management investigator. In this role, she analyzed and detected legal, processor, and reputational risks for the company.

Marija had always been passionate about teaching and had led a team of Compliance Trainers. In 2022, she moved to Malta and joined Mazars, where she currently leads the Compliance Team. Marija is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering specialist, with various certifications from ACAMS, ICA, and Lead Training Services. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in history obtained from Vilnius University.

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