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No matter how long a company has been around for, what industry they’re in or who their customers are, there’s no getting away from the fact that each business is unique.

That’s why we’ve developed ten articles on the issues that matter most to you. From succession to sustainability, expanding internationally to hiring and motivating Gen Z, these articles centre around the personal element inherent in running and growing medium-sized businesses.

How to ensure business continuity during and beyond Covid-19

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04/06/2020 Owners and managers of privately owned businesses are no strangers to overcoming challenges, but Covid-19 has created unprecedented issues that even the most experienced leaders are unsure how to handle. One of the most frequently asked questions in recent weeks has been, “What happens if I am suddenly unable to manage the business for a period of time? And how can I ensure business continuity during my absence?

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Dealing with COVID-19 as a privately owned business

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As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic is a very serious threat to the health and wellbeing of people throughout the world. The spread of the virus, as well as efforts to contain it, are now significantly impacting our daily lives.

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Preparing to sell your business

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As an owner, selling your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. Having invested energy, time, effort and money building your business, you want to make sure that when the time comes, you receive the maximum return.

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Getting the digital-cultural balance right

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Digital and technological advances have brought great benefits to businesses worldwide. Through digital innovation, we have experienced increased customer communication and reach, artificial intelligence, development of new solutions and systems as well as being able to collect copious amounts of valuable data through various algorithms that help drive business direction.

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Getting smart about business planning and performance management

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Running a business comes with many demands, big or small, and requires focus and attention on various areas. As a result, focus can be heavily placed on the day to day tasks while the long-term planning is pushed to the side.

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Three simple steps to kickstart your sustainability strategy

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Executing a business sustainability strategy is more important than ever and is essential for the long-term success of a company.

Not only does it help in the development of your business vision and strategy, but a sustainability strategy will also help to reduce unnecessary costs through the implementation of leaner and smarter processes.

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How to create sustainable value in medium-sized companies

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Despite the strong entrepreneurial drivers that can be a force behind many businesses, some still face challenges when it comes to achieving sustainable value.

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Seven steps to creating a successful international business

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Exporting your medium-sized business abroad can create significant growth opportunities, yet many are reluctant to venture out of their home market. Despite world trade increasing 38-fold over the last 60 years, only a small proportion of all businesses export abroad. In the UK, for example, just one in ten businesses export, while in the US that number plummets to one in 100.

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How to improve financial performance and transform your business

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In today’s complex business environment, developing a consistent approach to measuring and improving financial performance can be challenging. However, by ensuring measures are in place and in line with the business’ strategy, it can help enhance financial standing. Without sufficient transparency, important strategic decisions and respective measures are basically not possible. As they say, “you can only manage what you can measure!”

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How to successfully scale and grow your business

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For all the good that growth can deliver, many medium-sized businesses come to a point where it can begin to negatively impact processes, management and employees.

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Recruiting and retaining Gen Z

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As Millennials, or Generation Y, grow into the founders, directors and managers of today’s workplace, focus is now shifting towards the new cohort coming through: Gen Z. Born between 1995 and the early 2000s, Gen Z are either just entering employment, or starting to think about what they want from their careers. They are the future leaders for growing businesses and the race is on to attract and retain them.

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How to enhance your business’ value through exit planning

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While most business owners understand the importance of planning how they will exit their business, the time invested in it does not always get the attention it deserves due to the demands of daily operations.

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