Malta Budget Review 2018

Hon. Min. Edward Scicluna, Finance Minister of Malta, presented this legislature's first National Budget in Parliament: the Malta Budget 2018.

During the Malta's Budget 2018 speech, the Hon. Min. Scicluna started off by giving an overview of Malta’s economic performance over the year, followed by a series of measures and initiatives that the Government will be implementing during 2018.

The salient points and incentives that were proposed in the Malta Budget 2018 include the following:

  • VAT Grouping;
  • Improvements and extensions to current social benefits;
  • The cost of living increase to €1.75 per week;
  • White Paper to reform the rental market;
  • Duty exemptions;
  • Extra day of annual vacation leave;
  • Minor tax refunds to taxpayers. 

A more detailed overview of the salient points in the Malta Budget 2018 can be downloaded below.


Mazars Malta - Budget Review 2018
Mazars Malta - Budget Review 2018