Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessments are in-depth, technical review of a client's IT environment using industry-developed best practices, methodologies and technical tools.

Vulnerability assessments are used to assess an organisation's exposure to IT threats and provide recommendations based on the outcome of detailed vulnerability analysis.

Vulnerability assessments

Routine vulnerability assessments are critical to an organisation's ability to identify and mitigate current cyber security threats to their IT environment. Vulnerability assessments consist of using specialist tools to scan an organisation's IT infrastructure to detect security weaknesses and flaws that can be rectified through maintenance and process review.

The vulnerability assessments consist of the following:

  • Routine system checks 
  • Internal scans of an organisation's infrastructure including infrastructure patch levels, malicious software detection, anti-virus update levels
  • External infrastructure scanning
  • Current high-level security state and threat level reporting
  • In-depth technical reports for IT teams
  • Identification of organisation's data which is exposed to the public
  • Logical and physical securities control assessments
  • Open source intelligence gathering


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Mazars cyber security services