IT Risk Assessment

The IT Risk Assessment will cut across all significant areas of the IT environment and will include a full Internal Procedures Review.

IT Risk Assessments identify key risks that pose a threat to the organisation and provide an understanding of the strength of the mitigating controls put in place.

Risk assessments allow management to prioritise time and investment on those issues that pose the highest cyber risk.

Mazars can assist clients in assessing and evaluating their IT environments. The review will allow entities to gain a high-level understanding of their current security status. 

Mazars will draw a report that provides a current threat overview, followed by recommendations, a risk matrix, and a risk register.

Our approach

The IT risk assessment will include a full internal procedures review, including:

  • High-level IT reviews of the organisation
  • Review of the organisation's IT infrastructure against current cyber security best practices
  • Understanding of the company's current IT processes
  • Identification of high-level risks and associated recommendations
  • Review and analysis of segregation of user rights
  • Employee awareness and training


Mazars cyber security services
Mazars cyber security services