Often cited as the weakest link and the easiest way through the back door, organisations are up of people - the human firewall.

Investment in hardware and systems will only provide the required assurance if the human element is addressed comprehensively and effectively. 

An informed and alert team throughout your organisation (from board level to shop floor) will result in a much more resilient entity and better management of risk.

Training services are offered on both a bespoke and standard basis, depending on the nature of the client and target audience. The scope of the training includes a specific set of Information Security related topics based on the target audience.

Training courses

Our training courses are aimed at the following audience profiles:

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Cyber Security

Our cyber security service offering is based on industry-developed best practices to provide an up-to-date assessment of your organisation's cyber security status, ensuring that risks and threats to the IT environment are routinely mitigated.

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Building a human firewall against cyberattacks

Cyberattacks aren’t just getting more frequent, they are also becoming significantly more vicious and sophisticated. Today’s cyberattacks are targeted and subtle, and the stakes are high.

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