Audit, Assurance & Reporting

We understand the importance of audit, assurance, and reporting services in guaranteeing the health of your business and organization. At Mazars, we strive to provide services that are relevant, bring value to companies and to stakeholders. Our goal is to offer our clients a distinctive and authentic approach built on a fundamental belief that trust in business will foster prosperous economies, beneficial to the greater society.

This consideration has highlighted the growing importance of the provision of professional audit and assurance services.

At Mazars, we believe that producing trustworthy financial information is just the starting point for any financial audit. We will, of course, make sure that all the figures add up, and we will advise you on the consistency and reliability of your financial information. However, whenever we undertake such an assignment, our underlying objective will always be to provide clients with a clear insight into the effectiveness of their corporate strategy, the efficiency of their business processes, and the nature and impact of their financial performance.

Our range of services, therefore, extends beyond the remit of the financial audit, to encompass management reporting, corporate governance and risk management.

In our advisory capacity, we can help you manage your operational and financial risks and assist you in your efforts to render your business processes more efficient. Most importantly, you can look to us as a partner who can help you make the right business decisions.

The delivery of these services is in the capable hands of a team of qualified professionals, who can also rely on the on the support of specialists who can be brought in to offer a holistic solution to your requirements. These include actuaries, internal control and financial modeling specialists, as well as our legal team.

The international repute of the Mazars brand is a guarantee of peace of mind.

You will be engaging an organisation which has demonstrated its audit expertise in insurance, banking, of professional industry and services, as well as the public sector and not-for-profits.

Moreover, our audit approach is based on the fundament professional independence. We do not undertake engagements which are deemed to be incompatible with our audit activities, and we boast a rigorous system of controls to prevent conflicts of interest.