Payroll services

At Mazars we can help you with your payroll work. We can take on all or a part of your wages processing, helping you design the most effective payroll system.

You might need specialist Payroll and HR advice, or help with drawing up an employment contract or finding the right person for a key role.

We can assist you in your HR management: the terms and conditions of employment, working conditions, leave schemes, social security, dismissal procedures, or constantly changing regulations in this field – leaving you to concentrate on your staff - on training, retaining and rewarding them.

Mazars’ payroll services include:

Payroll and administration

We can save you time and help you reduce your HR running costs. Above all we will ensure your staff are paid on time.

Our payroll services are tailored to suit your corporate needs. They include:

  • Managing and processing pay, providing you with a comprehensive computerised payroll service with secured payslips, forms etc,
  • Improving or setting up your payroll duties,
  • Managing your HR systems,
  • Providing specialists in tax and social security advice, HR, accounting and financial services.

Organisational change

We can help you manage and communicate change within your organisation. For example, during redundancies, providing support, advising on legislation or developing internal communications strategies.

We know how key your people are to the success of your organisation.