Mazars Malta has a dedicated insurance team providing specialised services to the insurance industry in Malta.

Mazars boasts an extensive and proven track record in insurance. Our experts in this field provide a customised approach and an adaptation of our services to the particular requirements of the client.

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Mazars Malta is authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority to audit insurance and reinsurance companies. We provide the services of a specialist insurance audit team that can also draw upon the expertise found within the Mazars Group where required. Mazars is the appointed statutory auditor to a number of insurance companies.

We are also the approved internal audit function providers to a number of insurance, reinsurance, and captive insurance companies. Our internal audit methodology is risk-based and follows an extensive preliminary understanding of the target entity.

Our solutions are flexible and scalable on the basis of inherent risk, size and complexity of operation. Our approach is transparent and open. We work closely with management to ensure that while providing assurance to the Board of Directors with regard to the control environment, we also add value by contributing positively towards operating efficiency.

Our services

  • External audit
  • Internal audit
  • Consulting, controls and compliance
  • Financial reporting and accounting advisory
  • Tax advisory and compliance
  • Culture, governance and conduct services
  • Regulatory advisory
  • Board effectiveness reviews
  • IT and cyber-security services
  • Capital and risk management
  • Actuarial services

Internal Audit


Internal Audit

We have a specialised insurance internal audit team who is the approved function holder to...

Insurance Distr. Dir.


Mazars in Insurance

Mazars industry

Mazars in Insurance

We understand that the insurance industry is a unique segment of the financial markets. As such, it demands significant and specific knowledge and experience.

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