The Key Official Guide for iGaming companies in Malta

We launched a guide to the duties and responsibilities of the Key Official for gaming companies in Malta: the Key Official Guide.

The Key Official (KO) plays a key role in the relationship between the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the licensee, acting as primary point of contact and liaison between the two.

The local regulation establishes the main function of the Key Official as one focused on:

  • Primarily acting as a guardian of the licence obtained from the MGA;
  • Personally supervising the operations of the licensee;
  • Ensuring that the licensee complies with all applicable laws and regulations, the conditions of the licence, and any directives issued by the MGA to the licensee, and
  • Ensuring that no changes to the gaming system shall be made without the prior approval of the MGA.

The pivotal role of a Key Official within the local remote gaming sector prompted us to prepare and publish a practical guide to the myriad of duties and responsibilities of the Key Official.

The Malta Gaming Authority puts great emphasis on the fitness and propriety of a person to fulfill the role of the Key Official, including the applicant’s full understanding of the KO’s function and sound knowledge of the KO’s obligations at law and in practice.

Our Key Official guide will help prospective applicants and licensees to understand better the MGA’s requirements and expectations. Download it now!

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