The Financial Services Future: Transforming an industry

Mazars has developed a unique programme of thought leadership to examine the current challenges the Financial Services industry is facing.

In partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit , the series of articles focuses on the current transformation of the financial services industry and its likely shape in the future from three different but related perspectives: Technological, Regulatory and Business Model Transformation

These articles explore the links between technological disruption in the financial services area including its impact on the regulatory environment and the financial service's response. We are also looking at how regulatory changes have forced financial services firms to adapt or even create new operational models that incorporate new technologies to meet regulatory requirements and the further impact this has on the firms’ value chains.

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The Financial Services industry is facing a dynamic and highly complex financial environment compounded by major economic, political and regulatory changes.

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Article #1: The marriage of high tech and high finance

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In this first article of our thought leadership programme, we are discussing how technological disruptors are impacting the global financial services industry.

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Article #2: Regulatory reform in uncertain times

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In this 2nd article, we are discussing how financial services firms are dealing with a continued flood of regulation.

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Article #3: Embracing A Pattern of Change

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In this 3rd article of our thought leadership programme around the transformation of Financial Services, we’re focusing on how new business models are emerging.

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