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IFRS for financial instruments

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Mazars latest IFRS Insight addresses the accounting for financial instruments under IFRS. It draws on several relevant IFRS standards to tackle, in one handbook, the entire range of challenges related to financial instruments among which: recognition and derecognition, classification and measurement, impairment for credit risk, derivatives and hedging, and related disclosures. It includes all the new requirements introduced by IFRS 9 and the related amendments to other standards such as IFRS 7.

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Reinsurers' financial communication: 2019 Benchmark study (part I)

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As the role of reinsurance is continuously expanding, Mazars analysed the latest financial disclosures of the top 10 reinsurers worldwide providing a comparative view for a better understanding of their risk profile and strategy.

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Are You Missing the Tech Train?

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Mazars publishes global study on familiarity, investment and implementation levels surrounding five transformative workplace technologies.

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The future of telcos: winning the client experience battle

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Mazars launches new global study 'The Future of Telcos: winning the client experience battle, the case of mobile financial services'

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CEE View: Inbound M&A report 2018/2019

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Mazars is pleased to present the CEE View: Inbound M&A report 2018/2019, in collaboration with Mergermarket. This new report offers an overview of the mergers and acquisitions activity in 2018 within and into the Central & Eastern European (CEE) region, and looks ahead to the challenges and opportunities for the next couple of months.

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Bancassurance in Europe - benchmark study

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While bancassurance is a booming business, proper supervision of the holding entity and its subsidiaries is required in order to be well managed.

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Benchmark on key audit matters

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The purpose of communicating key audit matters is to enhance the communicative value of the auditor’s audit report by providing greater transparency about the audit that was performed.

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IFRS 15: Key points of the revenue recognition standard in 100 Q&As

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Our guide provides useful information about the challenges that are at stake when implementing the IFRS 15 Standard.

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Launch of our 2018 Global Study on AI in the Hospitality Industry

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Mazars’ hospitality community, together with international experts, are pleased to launch our Global Study on AI in the Hospitality Industry.

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