Our response to Covid-19

Following the recent developments on the island, we decided to close our offices with effect from Tuesday 17 March 2020.

In order to ensure that we continue providing you with an uninterrupted service, we put in place the necessary technical and security measures for our members of staff to continue working remotely from their home.

Communication with our office will be limited to electronic mail only. These measures will remain in force until further notice. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these prevalent circumstances.

We also set up a dedicated section on our website, COVID-19 Newsroom  which provides details of the main measures issued by the government. It also provides specific useful business support advice on how to manage one’s business under these “new” circumstances. We will continue to maintain our website up to date on a timely basis. 

Furthermore, we set up a COVID-19 Business Support Team within Mazars Malta. The objective of this team is to advise and provide assistance to our clients in tackling the business challenges they face due to this pandemic.  

A designated email address support.covid19@mazars.com.mt  has been set up for this purpose. We are inviting our clients who require assistance to contact us on this email. We set up a system to log, monitor and follow-up all the requests that we receive through this channel. We will respond to clients requesting support within the shortest timeframes possible. 

For more information about the situation of COVID-19 in Malta, visit the Ministry for Health website  and the COVID-19 info page .


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Covid-19 Newsroom

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