Summary of Covid-19 support measures

Here you can find a list of the measures presented by the Government so far: Covid Wage supplement, Tax deferrals, Teleworking facilities & other social measures.

Wage Supplement Scheme

Employees and self-employed individuals who are engaged in sectors that have been adversely affected by the crisis are entitled to wage supplements subject to capping depending on the industry the business is operating in and depending on whether the employees are engaged on a full time or a part-time basis (the scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise )

Tax Deferrals

Tax deferrals apply to all entities, irrespective of industry and size, whereby payments falling due in March and in April of 2020 are deferred by 2 months without triggering interests or penalties for late payments.  The taxes that can be deferred are provisional taxes, employee taxes, including social security contributions and maternity fund contributions and VAT (the scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise );

Grants for providing teleworking facilities

Employers investing in equipment or software to facilitate teleworking for their employees can apply for a  cash grant equivalent to 45% of the eligible cost subject to a maximum of EUR500 per employee and EUR4,000 per undertaking, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions (the scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise );

Quarantine Leave

Employers who have a member of staff on mandatory quarantine leave is entitled to a one-off grant of EUR350 (the scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise );

Social Measures

These measures are targeted to parents working in the private sector requiring one of the parents to stay at home to take care of children during school closures; persons with a disability working in the private sector if they have to stay home for safety reasons; and employees who have lost their job because of the crises.  These affected parties will be entitled to a weekly allowance.  The Government will also increase rent subsidies for individuals who have lost their jobs (the scheme is managed by the Social Security Department ).

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