Our blog explores a series of topics impacting businesses in general. Topics vary from audit, tax, business advisory, business development and human resources.

How to mitigate malware related risks for organisations

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As with other paradigms in the field of IT security, ransomware is one of a number of methods chosen by attackers to attain financial gain by capitalising on weaknesses in company policies and infrastructure.

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Every family business is unique

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It is clear that family businesses are a major player in society, a large employer, and an economic force. They remain the bedrock of the Maltese economy and are vital to its success.

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Cyber security: some practical insights

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Malicious hacking attempts are on the rise, with any organisation that maintains databases of customer personal data or client payment information being at particular risk.

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5 tips for better Information Security in the workplace

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The temptation to cut corners where correct security practices are concerned should be avoided at all costs.

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10 steps to become the next Woman Leader

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Do you want to become the next woman leader in the workplace? Here are 10 qualities that will help you to succeed and to contribute added value to your role as corporate leaders.

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7 key take-aways from our workshop on Employment matters

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The Employee’s journey in an organisation: from recruitment and on-boarding to policies and procedures.

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Business financing: a practical point of view

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If you are a small or medium sized enterprise, you can greatly improve your odds of business success by understanding your financing needs, as well as the options that are available to help you start, manage and grow your business.

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4 components of strategic business planning

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Adopting a strategic perspective to business planning is critical to your business success and long-term vision.

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6 key points to consider when appointing the auditor for your company

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An independent audit builds public confidence towards the integrity of financial statements, and in nurturing the right corporate behaviour of SMEs in general.

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