The MGA publishes a draft of the Gaming Authorizations and Compliance Directive for consultation

January 2018 - The Malta Gaming Authority has issued a binding instrument (Gaming Authorizations and Compliance Directive) for consultation.

As part of the revamping process of the gaming legislative framework, the Directive delve into further detail on the requirements which the various industry stakeholders shall be required to adhere to, and the related processes.

A few key highlights include:

  • Clear definitions with examples of what constitutes a Key Function role and the respective responsibilities
  • What is being expected in terms of key technical setups and the associated essential components. A risk assessment is being expected to be undertaken by to the Licensee, taking into consideration at least the risks listed in the First Schedule of this Directive
  • The requirements for adding new games (games verticals)
  • A detailed overview of the responsibilities revolving outsourcing arrangements
  • The concept of a Corporate Group License
  • Information and notification requirements
  • Provisions related to land-based gaming

You may access the link to the consultation paper here:

The closing date for feedback is Wednesday, 21st March 2018.

Should you have any queries in terms of the consultation paper you may directly contact the MGA on or contact our remote gaming team.

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