Mazars workshop on Incentives and Fiscal Aids to Business

The focus of the upcoming workshop, which will be held at the Royal Malta Yacht Club, will be ‘Incentives and Fiscal Aids to Business: All that you should know’.

The ‘Made Simple, by Mazars’ workshops are delivered by experts from within Mazars’ management team, and generally take on a very hands-on approach. During the forthcoming session, participants will be informed and given guidance on incentives and fiscal aids to business, including, amongst others, the Micro Invest Tax Credit Scheme, the Investment Aid Tax Credit Scheme, applicable Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes, as well as legal provisions for tax deferrals on Group Re-organisation.

Commenting on the topic of this workshop, MAZARS Malta partner Paul Giglio explained that “Maltese laws and regulations cater for various incentives and fiscal aid measures meant to support businesses. These can either take the form of tax credits, tax exemptions, tax deferrals, or cash grants.  While some of these incentives require pre-application, others can be claimed once the tax return is submitted to the tax authorities. Irrespective of whether a business is at the start-up, or maturity stage, it would be undoubtedly worthwhile being aware of government measures which could assist its development and result in cash savings”. 


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