PM announces end of public health emergency and flight restrictions

Prime Minister Robert Abela has announced the end of all COVID-19 related public health emergency measures, and of restrictions on flight destinations as from the 15th of July.

Meanwhile, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Croatia and Greece, have been added to the list of safe destinations for when Malta International Airport officially reopens on 1st July.  Some restrictions from certain regions in France, Spain and Italy, including northern Italy, will still apply. Restrictions on Malta’s ports will be lifted in July.

While restrictions on gatherings of over 75 people are being lifted, the Prime Minister stated that public health guidelines, including those related to the use of face masks, should continue to be followed.

On measures in place to support businesses, Prime Minister Abela confirmed that the 50% reduction on energy tariffs for businesses would be valid until September, up to a maximum amount of €1,500.  He augured that a strong recovery by businesses would mean there would be no need to extend the wage supplement beyond September. 

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