New wage subsidy scheme announced

Level of losses is criterion for eligibility to new wage subsidy scheme

Government has announced a new wage subsidy scheme based on the level of losses incurred by businesses as a result of COVID-19. The new scheme will come into effect as of January 2021.

The following are the parameters for this scheme:

Percentage drop in sales

Wage supplement monthly rate (gross) – full-timers

Wage supplement monthly rate (gross) – part-timers & casuals

55% or greater



45% up to 54%



35% up to 44%



25% up to 34%



10% up to 24%



Increase in revenue up top 9% drop in sales



  • Businesses that have had to close following the issuance of Legal Notices will receive the wage supplement at the full rate
  • Assistance will be based on VAT returns as compared to the same period in 2019
  • The new scheme will also be applicable in the case of workers who have been replaced, where the wage supplement will be back-dated to October 2020. In such instances, the number of workers cannot exceed what was on the company books as of last May
  • VAT exempt and new VAT numbers: The level of support will be paid according to the current scheme (Annexes A, B, & C) – which have determined according to NACE code regulations

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Publication date: 06/01/2020