New measures announced to tackle spike in Covid-19 cases

In a news conference, Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela and Health Minister Dr Chris Fearne announced a series of new measures aimed at reining in the sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, mainly fuelled by the opening of Malta’s airport and seaports, and a number of mass events.

The measures include the following:

  • A €50 fine for not wearing masks on public transport (including Gozo ferry services) and in shops 
  • A total ban on events of more than 100 people indoors, and 300 people outdoors. Such events, where permitted, are to be based on social distancing rules that already restrict venues to one person per four square metres.
  • All venues must have clear signage for how many people can be inside at any given time to make it easier for enforcement officers and authorities to assess whether rules are being followed.
  • Visits to residential homes for the elderly have been restricted to one member of the family and must be held behind perspex screens.  Hospital visits have been reduced to one hour a day and one visitor per patient. 
  • All dance floors have been shut down

Publication date: 09/08/2020