Malta Government begins to lift its Covid-19 restrictions

The Government of Malta has announced a partial relaxation of Malta's COVID-19 measures starting from Monday 4th May 2020

Government eases COVID-19 restrictions on commerce, provision of health services and travel to Gozo


The new measures allow for the re-opening of the following commercial activities as from the 4th May:

  • Lotto booths
  • VRT testing stations
  • Clothes, handbag, and shoe shops
  • Jewellers
  • Perfumeries and cosmetics shops
  • Home decor
  • Discount shops
  • Toy and hobby shops
  • Furniture outlets
  • Florists

Conditions for re-opening include the availability of hand sanitisers at the entrance of every outlet. Shopping malls will be screening for fever. The use of changing rooms will be prohibited. The number of people in shops, excluding shop assistants, will be restricted to one person for every 10m². The number of people allowed in at a time must be listed on the shop front.

Provision of health services

Health-related services that will resume include children’s vaccinations and cancer-related screenings, beginning with cervical cancer screening.

Travel to Gozo

The government has removed restrictions on travel to Gozo. However, ferries will not take large groups, while passengers must use masks.

Use of masks and social-distancing rules

As from Monday, people have to wear masks in shops and on public transport. Social distancing rules will continue to apply, with people in queues asked to stay two meters apart. The number of people allowed to gather in groups has been slightly eased from three to four.

Publication date: 04/05/2020