Summary of Covid-19 support measures

Here you can find a list of the measures presented by the Government so far: Covid Wage supplement, Tax deferrals, Teleworking facilities & other social measures.

Wage Supplement Scheme

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Wage Supplements that have been made available by the Government at the beginning of the pandemic will be further extended to September 2020.  In the months of July, August, and September the wage supplements will be granted as follows:

  • In full at existing rates ( €800 for full-timers and €500 for part-timers) for businesses operating in the tourism and entertainment industry;
  • At monthly rates of €600 per full-timer and €375 per part-timers for other industries which had been classified under Annex A
  • At Annex B rates (or €160 per full-time employee per month) for those businesses which have now opened their doors to their customers; and
  • Students and pensioners who are working on a part-time basis, who were previously excluded, will now be eligible for the wage supplement scheme

The scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise

Tax Deferrals

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The tax deferral scheme which was introduced in March will be extended to August 2020. Amounts so deferred must be repaid by May 2021 and the balances due are interest-free.

Taxes on immovable property

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Final taxes on the sale of immovable property will be reduced from 8% to 5%, whist stamp duty levied on the acquisition of immovable property will be charged at 1.5%.  These reductions will apply to properties with values below €400,000 and the contracts of sale must be concluded by March 2021

Quarantine Leave

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Employers who have a member of staff on mandatory quarantine leave is entitled to a one-off grant of EUR350 (the scheme is managed by Malta Enterprise);

Social Measures

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These measures are targeted to parents working in the private sector requiring one of the parents to stay at home to take care of children during school closures; persons with a disability working in the private sector if they have to stay home for safety reasons; and employees who have lost their job because of the crises.  These affected parties will be entitled to a weekly allowance.  The Government will also increase rent subsidies for individuals who have lost their jobs (the scheme is managed by the Social Security Department).

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