Covid-19 R&D Fund

Malta Enterprise Corporation and the Malta Council for Science and Technology and have reacted to the challenges surrounding the current unprecedented circumstances by designing a national fund entitled the “COVID-19 R&D Fund”.

COVID-19 R&D Fund

The €5.3 Million COVID-19 R&D Fund is to target public, academic and private entities. As a funding mechanism, it will enable R&D on COVID-19 as a departure point, yet with outcomes not only addressing innovative and/or improved approaches related to the current pandemic, but also potential future waves and other antiviral relevant research. Eligible projects, including those projects having received a COVID-19 specific Seal of Excellence, are those projects that have started on or after 1 February 2020, but not later than 31 December 2020. The duration of the project should be a maximum of 18 months.

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