Mazars Malta maps out strategic vision

As part of an ongoing global strategic planning review, spearheaded by Mazars Group, Mazars Malta has mapped out its vision for the next years of its operation.

In line with this new vision and business operating model, Mazars Malta is repositioning itself as a business advisory-driven firm with a strong reputation for providing personal services and quality advice.

The new set-up will see Mazars operating as a one-stop shop with a niche focus on specialist knowledge in advisory, auditing, accounting, tax and corporate services. 

Commenting on the shift in strategic focus, Mazars Malta managing partner Anthony Attard stated that the new vision for Mazars Malta implies its transformation into an “advisory-centric firm”. He explained that this fresh outlook would entail a more “holistic approach towards understanding our clients’ business and delivering our range of services in a more integrated manner”.

At the centre of this strategic development lies the ‘Business Hub and Specialist Services Spoke model’, which puts the business and the concerns of the client at the very heart (the hub) of Mazars’ mission.  This ‘hub’ will be managed by a select group of professionals who will take responsibility for maintaining an on-going relationship with the client. These will act as trusted advisors and will be the primary point of contact for the client, putting all of Mazars’ experience and expertise at their disposal in terms of support, insights and solutions. They  will also ensure that all of the firm’s specialist services are delivered in a manner consistent with the client’s needs, and in as seamless and integrated a fashion as possible.

Attard added that although the firm’s business model had proven to be a successful one “we felt it was time to push the goal-posts further. We operate according to the maxim ‘innovate or stagnate’ - that is what has driven Mazars Malta to achieve one milestone after the other over the years”. He said that this move would also ensure the sustainability of the current growth which the firm was undergoing, allowing it to stay ahead of the competition and standing up to future challenges. “Most importantly, however”, explained Attard, “the new strategic focus and organizational structure will also allow Mazars Malta to continue attracting a more diverse type of clientele which would challenge us further”.

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