Mazars Malta has a dedicated insurance team providing specialised services to the insurance industry.

The Insurance Industry in Malta has experienced a steady growth over the past years. The EU pass porting rights provided by our jurisdiction and the introduction of captive and cell solutions has attracted a number of international players to Malta.

The industry is supported by a strong and efficient regulatory market that ensures adherence to local legislation and European regulatory requirements (Solvency II).

The application process for obtaining the authorization to set up an insurance undertaking is relatively straightforward and fast. An insurance company domiciled in Malta has a number of readily available support service companies in the insurance industry such as insurance managers, audit firms, legal firms, accounting firms, investment managers and other such services.

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Internal Audit

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Internal Audit

At Mazars Malta, we have a specialised and qualified insurance internal audit team who are the...



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From brokers and captives, to life and general insurers, our team has the knowledge and expertise required to provide value-added solutions for your business.