How to be a Stand-out SME

A performance study of the EU SME sector for the period 2008 to 2013

Mazars’ study ‘How to be a Stand-out SME: Learning from the EU’ provides analysis, insights, learnings and guidance to SMEs no matter where in the world they are operating. The study highlights the similarities and differences of SME performance in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland and the UK. It explores what it takes to achieve levels of superior performance, to compete in the market place and effectively “stand out from the crowd”.

The study identifies six success factors to help SMEs reach the bar of superior performance and stand out from the crowd:

  1. Maintain a sharp focus on the market
  2. Bring more to party
  3. Build resilience and operate with financial discipline
  4. Right size your organisation
  5. Increase your international outlook and extend your geographical footprint
  6. Manage for today and lead for tomorrow

You may download the report here.